Corrosion Protection and Engineering Services

Corroserve specialise in mechanical engineering and protection against corrosion, for all industry sectors.

Welcome to Corroserve, the service side of our coatings business. Together with Corrocoat and Corrolabs, we are part of the Corrosioneering Group.

With a successful 40 year track record, Corroserve combines engineering expertise and application technology to ensure the best long-term protection of all types of equipment and structures.

This wide range of corrosion protection and engineering services is offered both on- and off-site. It’s provided to all kinds of industrial sectors – some of the biggest names operating in power generation, oil & gas, petrochemical and more.

As well as being the market leader in corrosion engineering, Corroserve also offers many composite and mechanical processes and techniques, including manufacturing large bore butterfly valves.

It’s all part of our flexible service. With a fully-equipped coating application shop, heavy engineering facilities and a trained team of specialists, Corroserve is ready to respond, whatever your bespoke needs.