We have long standing relationships with a number of clients operating in power generation, providing coating and engineering services.

Whilst many of our corrosion solutions are preventative, there are times when we have to react to our customers’ problems – and fast. That’s why, when power stations have an emergency, they turn to Corroserve.

Corroserve has contracts with a number of power stations providing coating and engineering services during outages. With over 30 years of experience in the power generation industry, we put our customers’ minds at rest. They put their trust into the capabilities of our engineers and applicators. That’s why we are the number one in this area of expertise.

Of course, it’s not just outage periods we deal with. Corroserve is also one of the largest manufacturers of large bore butterfly valves in the UK, manufacturing and refurbishing valves from 24″ up to 132” in diameter.

Typical components treated include:

  • CW system components
  • Pumps
  • Pipes
  • Valves
  • Waterboxes
  • Neutralisation pit chemical bunds
  • Drainage gullies
  • Ferric sulphate tanks
  • Air receiver internals
  • Generator casing externals
  • FGD equipment

Find out more about our engineering services and corrosion protection expertise in the power generation industry here.

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