Butterfly Valves

Large Bore CW Butterfly Valves Manufacture and Refurbishment Solutions

Corroserve is one of the few engineering companies in the UK with the capability to design and manufacture large bore butterfly valves to exacting specifications. We offer a total solution, from initial design consultation through to manufacture and installation.

The bespoke nature of our service enables us to respond swiftly and accurately to individual customer requirements. This includes the ability to manufacture to any flange specification.

Corroserve also offers professional repair and reconditioning services. We have over three decades of experience in the refurbishment and modification of CW butterfly valves. As a result of our  in-house engineering skills we manufacture shafts, bearing bushes and seals for all valve types. We have the capacity to handle even the largest of valve components (132” nominal bore butterfly valves).

With the necessary engineering skills to manufacture spindles, bushes and mechanical seals for all valve designs, we provide an expert refurbishment and protection service for all types of valve designs. We also manufactures new valves using both steel and GRP.

Our in-house engineering design modifications allow us to repair damage caused by severe turbulence and erosion:

  • We machine out unstable areas from the outside diameter of the blades to accept a stainless steel or other metallic support and clamping ring
  • We machine the valve body itself to accept a new stainless steel sealing ring. This could be a result of where galvanic attack has eaten away existing securing arrangements

We use a range of materials developed to withstand even the most aggressive chemical environments. Our products are capable of handling abrasion attack.

We are committed and proud of our offering. Corroserve has a purpose-designed solution for every application.

Find out more about our our solutions for Large Bore CW Valves here.