Corrolabs – Research & Development

Corrolabs – Research & Development

Corrolabs is our Research & Development division. Our team of dedicated chemists, engineers and technicians work to solve our customer’s problems – delivering more efficient solutions along the way.

Using technical services and research laboratories equipped with advance testing and analytical equipment, we carry out quality control procedures, batch testing and monitoring. It means that every stage of production delivers valuable data, and more importantly, enhanced results.

Naturally we specialise in testing and developing durable protective coatings – that’s the nature of our business. So, in the past we’ve worked on projects such as achieving correct dry film thickness throughout the length of a pipe spool, and designed paint to maximise the performance of pumping installations.

However, we also take on bespoke projects in completely unrelated fields. Recently, for instance, we were tasked with helping develop a brand new type of acrylic glue.

Our capacity at Corrolabs is flexible. Wherever we can help our customers gain efficiency or save money. Our commitment to research and development knows no bounds.


Corrolabs - research and development


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