We offer a full-service package to all customers. It’s made up by a six-step process that’s unique to the industry, covering all aspects of corrosion protection, asset management and technical support.

Our comprehensive process is also flexible. Choose one service, or work through them all. When combined, they’re designed to provide your company with everything you could need in corrosion protection, engineering and asset management.

Whatever’s best for your business, Corroserve is here to help.


For initial coating, repairing or specification advice, our NACE/ICorr qualified coating inspectors will visit your plant and provide independent third-party inspections, failure analysis, coating surveys, consultancy and quality control.

Our inspectors form part of our site services team as well as providing inspection on oil rigs, refineries and general industry.


We’re experts in effective and professional co-operation, no matter the industry.

Our highly skilled team has vast experience in performing a wide range of coating and repair work on sites nationwide. These experienced personnel include an established contracting division who handle the full spectrum of applications.

Of course, everything we do on-site is backed up with extensive technical support, both from our workshops and the Corrolabs R&D team. It’s all our resources made flexible for the ultimate convenience to you.


Corroserve can repair or fully re-engineer equipment and machinery. It’s a cost-effective way of maintaining and updating your assets, and you’re guaranteed a professional service with an end-product that’s as good as new.

A great example of this is our pump engineering department which has the ability to fully refurbish severely damaged pumps. The team there can also increase the efficiency of pumps, through performance testing.

Even the most severely damaged piece of capital equipment can usually be refurbished, at a fraction of the replacement cost.


Corroserve offers unparalleled expertise in coating development and application. Whether it’s protection for new or existing plants, our coating solutions are the fast, convenient and economical answer.

We can decommission machinery and bring the parts back to our workshops to coat. Or we can coat on-site. Either way, our high-quality coatings provide equipment with a new lease of life.

As coating manufacturers for 40 years, we can advise and apply the correct product in response to a specific problem area. Many of the products we use have low volatile organic compound (VOC) levels – increasingly specified today to help reduce atmospheric pollution.


Once treated or refurbished, we will quickly re-install equipment back into your plant. Our installation team is well-experienced in handling a full spectrum of applications and will also provide a comprehensive report once complete.


We provide ongoing support in the form of a 24/7 helpline, and a dedicated account manager offering extensive technical advice.

Our Leeds-based technical service managers offer technical support by helping with specifications, and in the form of technical discussion, advice on preparation, application and inspection.

Whatever your problem is, we’ll go out of our way to fix it. Customer service is where we excel.