Pipelining and Coating Services

Pipelining and Coating Services

Corroserve specialise in pipelining and coating of the internals and externals of  pipe spools of different lengths, nominal bore sizes and dimensions. The company has proven techniques which range from brush application, flood and drain, pipe rolling rigs, through to proprietary down-pipe blasting and coating equipment.

Our coatings and linings are in use worldwide, for the protection of pipelines in different service environments. This includes pipes which carry materials such oil and gas seawater, industrial effluent and potable water, for example. We provide advanced chemical and temperature resistance (up to 150oC immersed/240oC non-immersed), with our coating technology, as well as mechanical strength and robust performance with extremely low solvent emissions.

Our exclusive pipe rolling techniques include flood and drain and brush application. We have also developed two additional methods of coating, for the internal surfaces of pipes. As a result, improved pipe coating can now be achieved using almost all of the materials within our Corrocoat range. Each method requires its own handling techniques. Our technical department are always on hand to offer advice on the best material for each service environment.

Once we select the appropriate coating material, the feasible pipe configurations is then determined. This takes in to account the application method of the particular material. Long straight lengths up to 15 metres will be accommodated on a pipe rolling rig. Even longer lengths are treated by use of our specialist pipe spraying equipment.

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Pipe Lining and Coating - pipe repair and refurbishment services

Corrocoat Fibrecoat is a glass fibre reinforced vinyl ester glass-flake coating, developed for use as a high performance lining and rehabilitation material for thinned/corroded pipes and where additional properties are required.

Designed to be applied by Corrocoat Agmec Airless spray equipment, recent modification to the Agmec small bore pipe sprayer, now allows the material to be successfully applied in pipe diameters down to only 150mm in diameter.

Trials also showed that small holes can be successfully covered and sealed using only two coats of Fibrecoat.

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