Corrocoat products are used and specified by many multi-national oil & gas companies. From advanced glass flake linings to comprehensive engineering services, we’ve a proven track record of providing them with a range of high-quality, long-term solutions.

It all adds up to ensure excellent performance in the most cost-effective way possible. Our comprehensive mechanical and chemical engineering capabilities offer undoubted value for money.

Corroserve is now the specified choice with many major oil companies, for pipes, vessels and other equipment crucial to the oil extraction process.

Some of the components we treat in this sector include:

  • Multistage seawater pumps
  • Oil/water separators
  • Dump lines
  • Riser pipes
  • Caisson pipework
  • Deaerator vessels
  • Effluent degasser vessels
  • Tank floors
  • Strainer vessels
  • Pig catchers
  • Filter vessels
  • Produced water tanks
  • Waterboxes
  • End covers
  • Filter separators
  • Fuel gas scrubbers
  • Scrubbing towers
  • Seawater holding tanks
  • Splash zone steelwork
  • Concrete floors
  • Sub-sea structures
Oil rig