Corrosion Protection Products

Corrosion Protection Products

We use specialist corrosion protection products, developed and manufactured by our sister company, Corrocoat. These extra-durable products provide abrasion resistance, erosion resistance, fluid efficiency, antifouling and corrosion protection.

Corrocoat is the coating side of our business and has been instrumental in winning the fight against corrosion for over 30 years. Using our innovative mechanical engineering, combined with Corrocoat’s corrosion protection coatings, we provide long term protection for both new and damaged equipment. As part of our offering, we provide;

  • Advanced corrosion protection services based on the application of a range of corrosion protection coatings.
  • Unparalleled expertise in coating development, manufacture and application.
  • An extensive and specialist range of anti-corrosion protective coatings and application processes.
  • Corrosion prevention by corrosion protection products, for both new and existing metals and machinery.
  • Bespoke coating development and coating corrosion protection services in response to specific problem areas.
  • Low volatile organic compound (VOC) levels for reduce atmospheric pollution.
  • Increasingly specified as the industry standard.

With more than 300 branches across five continents, Corrocoat provides a worldwide service. Find out more at


Corrocoat - Corrosion Protection Products

Corroserve ensures that the coatings are applied in suitable conditions, using the correct surface preparation and application techniques, followed by quality assurance testing such as dry film thickness measurements and high voltage spark testing (holiday testing). By controlling these important aspects of application, Corroserve ensures that the coating system can perform to its full potential.


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