Most of the transfer lines for hydrogen and methane are made of reasonably high, tensile strength, steel, which is not ideal for the containment or transfer of hydrogen; as hydrogen can dissociate in to hydride ions which can penetrate metals and cause a problem knows as hydride embrittlement or stress corrosion cracking. This adversely effects high stress areas and can cause failure in pipelines. Corroserve can provide corrosion protection both on and off site.

Avoiding catastrophic failures in gas transfer lines is of paramount importance, which means there is a great need to protect pipework in order to make it safer for the transportation of these gases.

Extensively long transfer pipe-lines with no flanges and access only from each end, require specialist equipment and coating technology. With our pipe pigging technology, we can prepare the surface to abrade pipes, remove sludge, chemically clean and remove any corrosion and provide anti-corrosive coating systems. We have the products that work in this environment and the technology to apply them.

Hydrogen production