Agmec – Specialist Equipment

Agmec manufactures a range of specialist equipment developed for the surface preparation and coating industry.

Equipment available includes:


Agmec – Hogga Jet 

This pneumatically operated system is probably the simplest and toughest vacuum recover system currently available. Incorporating the JetPump (featured below) as the prime mover, it produces above 14″ Hg of vacuum when connected to an air supply of 250cfm at 80 psi. At these levels 5-6 ton per hour recovery rates are able to be attained.

  • Cleans and removes spent blasting abrasive, incorporating an air wash abrasive cleaner and separator
  • Lightweight and extremely reliable
  • Capable of moving circa five tons of spent abrasive
  • Air powered – safe for use in wet environments and with electrostatically-bonded flammable atmosphere

Common areas and industry of use include:

  • Offshore platforms and for use at sea
  • Foundry industry to clean foundry sand around machines
  • Marine industry to clean out residues in bulk carrier holds
  • Injection moulding industry to clean up prills and plastic beads

Agmec - Specialist Equipment - Jet Pump

Find out more information on the Agmec Hogga Jet here.

Agmec – Jet Pump

Cleaning and removal system.

The Jet Pump is a robust, compact, highly efficient pneumatic educator, for use on clean-up operations.

It is capable of handling material sizes up to 10mm and has a transfer rate of up to 3 tons per hour, depending on air supply and media. Maximum solids handling capacity is obtained using our unique aerofoil lift action and direct through-flow design.

The replaceable liner ensures that most abrasive materials can be handled without encountering the wear problems of more complicated machines.




Find out more about the Agmec Jet Pump here.



Agmec – Pipe Sprayer 

The pipe sprayer is for coating pipe internals with suitable coatings. The coatings are atomised by centrifugal force, that happens as a result of a specially designed spray cup. An oscillating spray pattern is produced through the spray cup being angled to the rotating head. As the head turns, a to and fro movement happens, much as would occur with a hand application.

  • Gritblast/coat pipe internals from 100mm-2000mm bore
  • Constant speed winch draws equipment through lengths of pipe up to 150m long

Download more information on the Agmec Pipe Sprayer  here.


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