Pump Repair and Refurbishment

Pump Repair and Refurbishment

Corroserve has over 30 years professional experience in the pump repair and refurbishment, which includes valves and ancillary components of all shapes and sizes, and across numerous industry sectors. We deliver our services to companies which operate in oil and gas, marine, water and waste water, through to the processing industries and offer a range of pump services to repair and refurbish damaged pumps.

Corroserve has a dedicated, highly trained pump repair team, that are Achilles H&S accredited to work on site as well as having Achilles FPAL accreditation for offshore work. Corroserve can also remove and transport pumps to its Leeds workshop, that is fully ISO 9001 2015 compliant. All of the work we carry out is to global standards, with use of our world leading engineering coatings, which  repair and corrosion protect capital equipment.


Pump Repair and Refurbishment

Corroserve offers a range of pump services both on site via a dedicated professional team, or at our Leeds workshop. Our workshop houses a number of  facilities which include machining, balancing, reverse engineering and corrosion engineering.

  • Site removal and transportation
  • Full strip down reports, if requested
  • Machining facilities
  • Hydrostatic test facilities
  • Reverse engineering of parts
  • Replacement of components
  • Refurbishment of mechanical seals
  • Shaft reclamation and in-house dynamic balancing of rotating components
  • Re-installation if requested
  • Lifting capacity of 20 tonnes
  • Design modification work undertaken to improve equipment manufacture and upgrade to meet customers’ latest requirements
  • Corrosion protection coating application
  • Dynamic Balancing
  • Fluiglide energy saving coating system: guarantees significant improvements in pump efficiency 
  • Service agreements

Find out more about the projects we have worked on repairing and refurbishing damaged pumps: CASE PUMP CASE STUDIES


On Site Pump Testing Services

  • Thermodynamic Pump Monitoring
  • Sound monitoring
  • Vibration analysis

Corroserve offers the latest on-site thermodynamic pump testing service, which calculates pump efficiency and helps identify significant cost saving opportunities for the pump operator, using state of the art equipment. This equipment accurately measures the pump flow, total head and efficiency of the pump. Coupled with the motor power consumption information, a Corroserve test engineer can compare the live data against the OEM data and supply the customer with a comparison report. This will identify the optimum time for the pump to be either refurbished or replaced. On site testing also includes a sound vibration analysis of pumps.  This checks for cavitation, unbalance and bearing wear that can affect pump operating efficiency.

We also supply an in-depth test report, with calculated predictions of pump performance after servicing. The report includes how energy savings can be further enhanced with the application of our Fluiglide energy efficient protective coating system. This report not only identifies when the customer will realise a return on investment, but also highlights the ongoing energy cost reductions of running the pump during the expected operational lifetime.

Download our Pump Services brochure to find out more about our offering in this area, here.