Case Study

Case Study – Anti-Corrosion Coating for Cathodic Protection Systems


Engineering components manufacturer and supplier, UK.

Application Date

September, 2021.

Scope of work

Provide surface preparation, supply and application of the Corrocoat Zip E coating systems to protect anodes and brackets, which would be subject to seawater at ambient temperatures. Coating the anode support with Zip E  will extend the service life.





Corrocoat Zip E: An epoxy glass flake coating.


Coating system

  • Masked off and protected areas not requiring coating/aluminium anodes prior to blasting.
  • Abrasive blasted the externals with abrasive in accordance with ISO 8501-1 Sa2 1/2 surface finish, to achieve a minimum surface profile of 50 microns.
  • Completed a final blow down, sweep and vacuum cleaned thoroughly where required to remove dust.
  • Applied once coat of Corrocoat Zip E to achieve a minimum DFT of 500 microns (colour yellow).
  • Carried out thickness testing and spark testing at 6.7Kv following adequate cure. Removed surface protection, dress edges and completed 100% visual inspection.
  • Packed and prepared for dispatch.

Coating credentials

Corrocoat Zip E: an epoxy glass flake coating. Provides cost effective, durable protection in aggressive atmospheric conditions and aquatic immersion environments. Single coat system with a good edge coverage.



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