Case Study

Case Study – Cooling Fan Impellers


Engineering Industry, UK.

Application date

October 2021.

Scope of work

External corrosion protection of two cooling fan impellers.



Coating system

  • Masked up and protected the threaded bars, supports and shaft and any other areas which didn’t require coating application.
  • Machine surfaces masked up and protected prior to abrasive blasting and coating.
  • Abrasive blasted the external surface area with new abrasive in accordance with ISO 8501-1 to Sa2½ surface finish, to achieve a surface profile of 50 microns.
  • Completed a final blow down, sweep and vacuum clean throughout where required to remove dust.
  • Applied two coats of Plasmet Galvcoat.
  • Once cured, removed any surface protection, dressed edges and completed 100% visual inspection.
  • Packed and prepared for dispatch.

Coating credentials

Glavcoat: Galvcoat is a coating for galvanised steel. A single pack coating on a synthetic polymer and containing barrier pigments. Possesses excellent weathering characteristics and will give long-term protection, even in highly polluted environments. The coating system can be easily maintained and repaired where necessary.


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