Case Study

Case Study – Corrosion Protection for Condenser Unit at a Fertilizer Plant


Fertilizer Manufacturing Plant, UK.


Scope of Work

Corroserve was asked to carry out surface preparation work and apply a protective coating to a condenser unit consisting of a tube bundle, water box cover and a return cover, that was in a cooling water service at a fertilizer manufacturing plant.



Corroglass 600 Series.



After arrival at the Corroseve Workshop, located in Leeds, the internal surfaces were blasted to Sa2½  to provide a minimum surface profile of 50µm. Corroglass 600 series was then applied to the internals to achieve a minimum dft of 1500µm, During the blasting/coating procedure the condenser tubes were protected by inserting rubber plugs in to the tube ends.

When cured, thickness and spark testing was completed to ensure integrity of the coating. The external surfaces were blasted to Sa2 and given 2 coats of Plasmet ZF followed by a final coat of industrial enamel.

Condenser tube cleaning case study


Coating Credentials

Corroglass 600 Series: provides protection against corrosion in immersed and non-immersed situations and is resistant to acids, solvents and demineralised water. Corroserve’s engineering skilled and advanced protective coatings systems provide unrivalled levels of corrosion protection in the harshest environments.


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