Case Study

Case Study – External Protection for Solid Rod Sockets


Manufacturing and Engineering company, UK.

Application Date

January, 2022.

Scope of work

Provide external corrosion protection for 200 new solid rod sockets (170mm and 180mm), to extend their service life.





Polyglass VEF.


Coating system

  • Abrasive blasted externally with new abrasive in accordance with ISO 8501-1 to Sa2 1/2 surface finish, to achieve a minimum surface profile of a minimum of 50 microns.
  • Completed a final blow down, sweep and vacuum clean thoroughly where required to remove dust.
  • Applied Polyglass VEF externally to achieve a specified minimum DFT of 2000 microns, to achieve a minimum dielectric strength of 36kV as per original specification.
  • Once cured, removed ant surface protection, dress edges and completed 100% visual inspection.
  • Carried out thickness testing and spark test following adequate cure of the coating.
  • Prepared and packed for dispatch.
  • Provided a QA package for each batch of solid rod sockets.

Coating credentials

Polyglass VEF: a two pack cold cured vinyl ester acrylic co-polymer alloyed with ECR glass flake. Excellent in immersed environments. Excellent resistance to solvents, acids and de-mineralised water. Excellent flexibility, undercutting resistance and sliding abrasion resistance.


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