Case Study

Case Study – Hyrdo Vortex Drop Shaft Pipework


Water and Waste Management, UK.

Application date

September 2021.


Scope of work

Corrosion protection for pipes transporting ground water with high saline and chloride content.


Internal: Polyglass VEF & Corrocoat Armagel.

External: Polyglass Zipcoat.


Coating system

  • Abrasive blasted internal and externals to ISO 8501-1 cleanliness standard Sa2½ with a minimum surface area of 50 microns.
  • Applied Polyglass VEF internally to achieve a DFT of 500 microns.
  • Spark test following coating.
  • Applied Corrocoat Armagel internally to achieve a minimum overall DFT of 1850 microns.
  • Thickness checked.
  • Abrasive blasted externals with new abrasive in accordance with ISO 8501-1to Sa2.
  • Pack and prepare for dispatch.
  • Applied Polyglass Zipcoat to the externals to achieve a minimum DTF of 800 microns for the drop line.
  • Pack and prepare for dispatch.

Coating credentials

Polyglass VEF: A glass flake vinyl ester acrylic co-polymer. Excellent in immersed environments. Excellent flexibility, undercutting resistance and sliding abrasion resistance.

Corrocoat Armagel: A two pack cured vinyl ester, loaded with glass flake and silicon carbide. Excellent abrasion resistance in immersed environments. Applied over Polyglass VEF as a protection layer.

Polyglass Zipcoat: A two pack cold cured multi-monomer isophthalic polyester system loaded with ECR glass flake. Rapid curing coating, with durable corrosion protection and cures below freezing temperatures. It is a single coat application with good edge coverage.

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