Case Study

Case Study – Internal Corrosion Protection for Water Dispersion Tank


Motor Manufacturer, UK.

Application Date

Previously coated in 2012.

New application, May 2020.

Scope of work

Coating internals of the vessel with Polyglass VEF, to repair and refurbish damaged areas and offer excellent corrosion protection against the service conditions – extending service life.


Carbon Steel.



Polyglass VEF.

Plasmet ZF.

Corrothane AP1.

Coating system

  • Abrasive blasted the internals in accordance with ISO 8501-1 cleanliness to Sa2 1/2, with a minimum surface area of 50 microns.
  • Applied Polyglass VEF internally to achieve a DFT of 1250 microns.
  • Thickness and spark test following coating.
  • Applied 2 coats of Plasmet ZF, followed by a topcoat of Corrothane AP1.
  • Packed and prepared for dispatch.

Coating credentials

Polyglass VEF:  A glass flake vinyl ester acrylic co-polymer. Excellent in immersed environments. Excellent flexibility, undercutting resistance and sliding abrasion resistance.


Plasmet ZF: A surface tolerant two-pack epoxy coating compound incorporating a rust inhibitor and passivator, with leafing barrier protection, with MIO ((Micaceous Iron Oxide) and glass flake for increased protection. Tough, durable and tolerant, Plasmet ZF performs well in atmospheric and immersed conditions.


Corrothane AP1: A polyurethane/acrylic topcoat, a high performance cosmetic topcoat to provide excellent colour retention and weathering properties. Designed for use on marine and offshore structured work in aggressive service environments.

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