Case Study

Case Study – New road tanker internal protective coatings for transporting acidic waste streams

New road tanker internal protective coatings for transporting acidic waste streams.

The Industry:

Waste Road Transport

The Challenge:

The client invested in a vantool vacuum tanker, in 304 grade stainless steel, for the transportation of variable acidic waste streams, including, nitric, sulphuric and hydrochloric acids at variable temperatures. the requirement was for a bespoke internal tank lining coating system, for suitability of use, assett protection and longevity of service

The Solution:

The tanker manways and internals were stripped and blast cleaned to sa2.5.With a profile of 50-100 mu. the bespoke combination of 610 gm2 quadraxial matting was laminated to all the tank internals, followed by a build coat of polyglass vef at 1200mu and a veilcoat of polyglass ve at 250mu.

Results & Benefits

the bespoke coating system provided industry leading levels of long term protection to the tanker internals from the variable acids and temperatures that were constantly being loaded, transported and unloaded.Providing assett protection through engineered longevity.


Corroserve have the experience and expertise to either coat from new or provide remedial coatings to tanker internals, pipework and ancilliaries.The bespoke coating systems are determined by the operating conditions and mediums.The coating systems have provided unrivalled levels of corrosion protection in the harshest of environments for over 4o years.