Case Study

Case Study – Lining Wastewater Pipework


Wastewater Treatment, UK.


Scope of Work

Some years ago Corroserve was asked to recommend a suitable internal protective coating for a large number of pipespools for a wastewater treatment project to be completed in the North West of England. The pipespools varied in diameter from 1.6m to 2.2m and in length from 3m to over 9m all required corrosion protection.


Polyglass VEF.


The Solution

Corroserve recommended coating the work pieces with Polyglass VEF, which is suitable for immersion environments where superior resistance to chemical attack is required. The pipespools were abrasive blasted to the required cleanliness standard in our onsite blasting booth.

Polyglass VEF was then applied by airless spray to a specified DFT of 1500 microns. The externals of the pieces were coated with Zip E, an epoxy glassflake coating, intended for a single coat application.

The application of specialist protective coatings will provide superior corrosion protection and significantly increase the expected service life of pipespools.


Wastewater pipework

Wastewater pipework 2


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