Case Study

Case Study – Protection for Pipes Carrying Seawater


Offshore fabricator in the Oil & Gas sector, UK.


Scope of Work

Protect a number of newly fabricated seawater carrying pipespools for an offshore fabricator in the oil and gas sector.



Corroglass 600 series.


The Solution

To prepare the pipespools the internal and external surfaces were blasted to Sa2 ½ and then Corroglass 600 series was applied to the internal surface to achieve minimum DFT of 1.25mm. After curing the application team completed a thickness test and spark test on the pipespools to ensure the quality and integrity of the finished coating. Corroglass 600 provides excellent resistance to solvents, acids and demineralised water in immersed and non-immersed environments. Finally the Corroserve team applied 2 coats of Plasmet ZF, an epoxy compound incorporating rust converter, inhibitor and passivator, to the externals.

Corroserve’s engineering skills and advanced protective coating systems provide unrivalled levels of corrosion and erosion protection in the harshest environments.


Protection for Pipes Carrying Seawater




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