Case Study

Case Study – Protection for Pump Wetted Areas


Petrochemical, UK.


The Challenge

The HSC split pump casing and cover was received from the client, an initial inspection report was carried out. During the inspection the casing and cover were found to have suffered from severe erosion corrosion around the cutwater. discharge bend and stuffing box bores. The stationary wear ring landings had already been mechanically repaired by the client.


The Solution

Internal areas – rebated all flanges, including split face, to prevent crevice corrosion, Prepared and masked all areas not requiring treatment. Grit blasted all the internal areas requiring coating ro ISO8501-1, Sa2 1/2. Applied a priming coating using Corroglass 632. Built up the coating to a minimum dry film thickness of 1.25mm using Corroglass 602. Thickness checked and spark tested (17Kv). External areas – Gritblasted to ISO8501-1 Sa2. Applied a top coat of industrial enamel to RAL5009 (Blue).


Results and Benefits

The casing has been repaired back to standard sizes at a fraction of the cost of replacing with new. The Corroglass 600 series coating system will give this unit a life expectancy exceeding ten years.


Coating Credentials

We have the experience and expertise to either coat from new or provide remedial coatings to process equipment. The bespoke coating systems used are determined by the operating conditions and mediums. Our coating systems have provided unrivalled levels of corrosion in the harshest environments in over 40 years.


protection for pump wetted areas


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