Case Study

Case Study – Repair and Protection for Damaged Pipe Spools


Energy from Waste Plant, UK.


Scope of Work

Pipe spools in an anaerobic digester feed system had suffered severe abrasion damage to the internal surfaces and some flange necks were holed. It was the client’s opinion that replacement was the only option.



Corroglass 600 Series.

Top coat of Armagel to the internals.

Plasmet ZF with a  topcoat of Corrothane AP1 to the externals.



Abrasive blasted to Sa 2 ½. Repairs completed with wetted out glass fibre. Base coat of Corroglass 600 series (500-750µm), top coat of Armagel (500-750µm) to the internals. Externals coated with Plasmet ZF with a top coat of Corrothane AP1.



Damaged Pipes

Damaged Pipes - Repaired



Coating Credentials

Armagel is a high abrasion resistant vinyl ester co-polymer containing glass flake and silicon carbide and is ideal for environments where good resistance to chemical attack combined with resistance to abrasion are required. Corroserve’s engineering skills and advanced protective coating systems provide unrivalled levels of corrosion protection in the harshest environments.


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