Case Study

Case Study – Repair and protection of Gas Scrubber & Demister

Repair and Protection of Gas Scrubber & Demister

The Industry:

Steel Smelting.

The Challenge:

We attended on-site to view and asses a corroded gas scrubber and demister at a blast furnace. Despite the age and corrosion levels of the assets it was determined that Corroserve could repair and coat the units to provide an extended life cycle to both units. Extensive preparation of the substrates togerther with additional repairs were to be carried out as the project evolved.

The Solution:

Abrasive blast the internal surfaces with ISO 8501-1 to Sa21⁄2 surface finish to achieve a minimum surface profile of 50 microns. Salt test using an Electronic Salt Measuring test kit. Wash surface using Chlor*rid solution, allow to dry then blast. Test again using an ESM test kit. Apply Polyglass PPV as a holding primer, stripe coating welds and leading edges. Apply 1st coat of Polyglass VEF an average WFT of 800 microns. Laminate all surfaces using 165gsm twill type glass fabric cloth. Apply Polyglass VEF to achieve the specified minimum DFT of 1500 microns. Carry out thickness testing. Spark test the coating.

Results and Benefits:

The coating applied needed to be excellent in environments across the pH scale, excellent resistance to solvents, acids and de- mineralised water. Polyglass VEF was recommended due to its exceptional hold up during application, providing superb chemical resistance, leading to a prolonged life of asset protection.


Corroserve has the experience and expertise to either coat from new or provide remedial coating of steel and pipework. The bespoke coating system used, are determined by the operating conditions and mediums. Our coating system has provided unrivalled levels of corrosion in the harshest environments for over 40 years. Corroserve is a member of the Corrosioneering Group, which also includes specialist paints and coatings manufacturer – Corrocoat and research and development division – Corrolab. Working together, we provide the ultimate ‘one-stop-shop’ for our customers.

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