Case Study

Case Study – Repair for 4 off Chambers and Hoppers


Waste Management Services, UK.

Application Date

March, 2021.

Scope of work

Internal and external corrosion protection of 6″, 10″ and 14″ wedge gate valves, bodys, covers and pedestals. The valve is subject to crude oil at a maximum service temperature of 80°c.


Ductile iron.


Corrothane XT. 

Coating system

  • Machined surfaces were masked up and protected prior to abrasive blasting and coating.
  • Abrasive blasted the specified surfaces with new abrasive in accordance with ISO8501-1 Sa2 1/2 surface finish, to achieve a minimum surface profile of 50 microns.
  • Completed a final blow down, sweep and vacuum cleaned thoroughly where required to remove dust.
  • Applied 1st coat of Corrothane XT by airless spray to achieve a WFT  of between 500-700 microns.
  • Carried out thickness testing following adequate cure of coating.
  • Hand striped edges, corners and nozzles with Corrothane XT HA.
  • Laminated interfaces using multi-axial glass fabric, thoroughly wetted  with CXT.
  • Rolled laminating resin in to place to remove any trapped air and aid adhesion.
  • Applied Corrothane XT by airless spray to achieve the total overall DFT of 900-1200 microns.
  • Once cured, removed surface protection, dress edges and completed 100% visual inspection. Carried out post cure.

Coating credentials

Corrothane XT: an excellent corrosion protection coating system which is tough, durable and provides effective protection in non-immersed environments at elevated temperatures.

We have site coating teams that are certified, trained and well experienced in this type of coating project.

We offer the full surface preparation, exclusive supply, application and testing of the coating systems. This is an important part of the coating specification, as an incorrectly applied material will not achieve its specified performance.


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