Case Study

Case Study – Two newly fabricated water boxes protected against seawater service

Protection from Seawater 

Two newly fabricated water boxes due for installation in an industrial setting required internal corrosion protection in order to extend their service life.

The water box end covers, floating head covers and a number of pipespools also required corrosion protection. No external protection was to be applied to the pipespools.

The boxes and covers were abrasive blasted to Sa2½ to achieve the required cleanliness level, and the work pieces were given a thorough clean and vacuum to remove all debris. The internals of the water boxes and covers were coated with Corroglass 600 series in several coats to reach the required DFT of 1500μm. Corroglass 600 will provide the best possible resistance to chemicals and temperature.

The external surfaces of the water boxes were coated with Plasmet ZF, a surface tolerant coating, and a final coat of Corrothane AP1.

After curing, thickness and spark testing was completed to identify any holidays and ensure the professional quality of the coating work.

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