Case Study

Case Study – Volute Pumps


Automotive Industry, UK.


The Challenge

A manufacturer of parts to the car industry delivered 2x 30 year old pumps to our Leeds workshop. As the original manufacturer no longer existed, replacement parts were not available, therefore the work to protect the pumps against chemically corrosive environment was required.


The Solution

The pumps carry waste water away from a paint plant which contained a cocktail of solvents and chemicals. Corroglass 600 was chosen to bring the pumps back to an almost new condition as it has good resistance to chemicals.

  • Stripped pumps, rebated suction/drained flanges
  • Pre-machined all fitted areas
  • Masked all areas not requiring coating
  • Blasted internals, Sa2 1/2 to achieve profile of 50 microns
  • Lined internals with Corroglass 600 to DFT of 1.25mm
  • Removed surface dressing, dress edges
  • 100% visual inspection
  • Post machined fitted areas to original sizes
  • Externals blasted to Sa2, applied Plasmet ZF
  • Reassembled and pressure tested
  • Packed, ready for dispatch and recommissioning


Coating Credentials

We have the experience and expertise to either coat from new or provide remedial coatings to process equipment. The bespoke coating systems used are determined by the operating conditions and mediums. Our coating systems have provided unrivalled levels of corrosion in the harshest environments in over 40 years.

volute pumps


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