Case Study

Case Study – Corrosion Protection for Flue Stack

One of the world’s top 5 construction companies, based in India, contracted our partners in India, KCPL, to apply an integral lining to two new flue stacks at one of its power plants in Khandwa, Madhya Pradesh. Historically, all flue stacks in Indian power plants have been lined using borosilicate glass tiles or a titanium cladding. However, attracted by the significant economies of using glass flake lining instead, the client chose it, knowing the track record of KCPL and their expertise in this area.

The flues were 6m and 7m high and were coated on the ground. During erection, the joints were coated progressively in position. The contract involved preparing the surface by abrasive blasting to ISO 8501-1 Sa2 ½ to achieve a surface profile of 50 to 75μm followed by the application of the 800μm of Corrothane XT in a single coat to ensure corrosion protection from the gases at around 240°C. Independent tests that included an exposure to 300°C for an hour, were conducted prior to selecting the coating.

Corrothane XT has an excellent track record of successful use in these extremely aggressive environments worldwide.



Corrosion protection for Flue stack

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