Case Study

Case Study – Corrosion Repair and Protection for Air Cooler Water Boxes


Power generation industry, UK.


Scope of Work

Severe sea-water corrosion on two air cooler water boxes lead to leakage. Along with some mechanical modifications which were specified by the client, repair and future corrosion protection was an essential requirement for the repair of the water boxes. The client turned to Corroserve to provide a solution.



Internals: Corroglass 600 Series and Vinyl ester glass fabric.

Externals: Plasmet ZF and cosmetic enamel topcoat.



  • Internal grit blast to ISO 8501-1 SA 21/2.
  • External grit blast to ISO 8501-1 SA 2.
  • Hand application using specialised techniques to rebuild seven damaged water boxes to provide effective, anti-corrosion protection.
  • Application internally of Corroglass 600 series to achieve a minimum DFT of 1.5mm. Coated across the flange faces and fully spark tested at 19kV and thickness checked.
  • Hand application of Plasmet ZF 150μm, followed by a top coat of enamel cosmetic top coat in customer’s preferred colours.


Corroserve Water Boxes


Coating Credentials

This customer were able to save thousands of pounds, by recycling their old components – which some would have deemed as ‘scrap.’ When the water boxes were re-installed, the customer benefited from the same efficiency that you would get with a new system with the added benefit of excellent corrosion protection – extending the life of the refurbished component.

Corroserve’s coating and engineering expertise combined once again benefited the customer two-fold.


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