31 August 2022

Two newly fabricated bag house hoppers, to be installed at an energy from waste plant in West Yorkshire, required protection. In service the hoppers would be exposed to hot ash and gases at temperatures up to 140°c as they collect and funnel waste, from the plants bag house.

Following delivery to our workshop, the hoppers were abrasive blasted to Sa2 ½ to achieve the required cleanliness standard. Both units were then thoroughly cleaned down to remove all dust and debris.

As the hoppers would be exposed to a highly corrosive stream at an elevated temperature, we recommended coating the internals with Corrothane XT. This coating is ideal for use on both steel and concrete surfaces, where good chemical and high temperature resistance are required, either for immersed or non-immersed service.

Following cure, DFT and spark testing was completed to ensure the quality of the coating. The application of Corrothane XT specialist protective coating will significantly increase the service life of the bag house hoppers.


bag house ash hoppers  bag house ash hoppers blasted   bag house ash hoppers after

            Ash Hoppers – Before                                                      Ash Hoppers – Blasted                                                      Ash Hoppers – After