9 June 2022

Our Fluiglide energy efficient coating system, first introduced in 1985 has now been applied to literally thousands of pumps worldwide. In every case significant improvements in efficiency are achieved. The performance of the process has been subject of extensive test procedures. This includes evaluation by major manufacturers, utilities and industrial users. Fluiglide materials offer dual benefits. The system not only achieves notable increases in overall efficiency levels, but also provides an effective corrosion barrier. This prevents early fall-off in performance due to nodular growth and surface corrosion.

With record increases in energy costs across the globe, technologies and solutions to help reduce energy consumption and increase efficiency are now more prevalent than ever. Increases in concern relating to the more effective use of energy resources is resulting in the introduction of new technology in coating materials. The aim is to maximise the performance of pumping systems which are in use in areas including power generation cooling water systems, the process industries and water and waste treatment.

fluiglide table


Established Performance

The established performance of the Fluiglide friction reducing energy efficient coating system worldwide, places Corrocoat in a dominant position in this demanding and competitive field. We have the opportunity to test and evaluate pumps which have been running, using Fluiglide systems for longer than any other company active in this field. We also offer special abrasion resistant variants of the Fluiglide system, for use where the solids burden is high and abrasive.


Pump Running Costs – A Perspective View.

For a pump with a lifetime  expectancy of 20 years (for example), only 2.5-3% of the cost of pump operation relates to the purchase price of equipment. A further 2-2.5%  is attributable to maintenance costs. The remaining 95% is consumed in the cost of the power to run the unit. With the ever increasing cost of energy over the life of a pump running continuously, the potential savings from the average 4-5% improvement offered by the Fluiglide system offers a fast payback on the initial coating costs.

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