8 February 2023

Our partners in Japan previously worked with a client in the Chemical industry to assist them with saving energy by targeting the double suction pump of a cooling tower, which had been in service since 1986. The pump had long operating times and relatively large power loads and the aim of the project was to carry out maintenance to improve the overall energy efficiency.

Firstly, the team carried out an initial pump assessment with a Thermodynamic Pump Monitoring (TPM) system to check the pumps current performance. The results would later be compared to the performance measurement of the pump following coating, in order to verify the energy saving merit following the work carried out.

The pump was disassembled and any worn or defective parts were manufactured and replaced. The internals were then coated with Corroglass 200 series, followed by Fluiglide. The repaired pump was once again monitored to verify its performance and energy saving after re-installation on-site, following the anti-corrosion treatment /completion of work.

The team confirmed an impressive energy saving improvement of 9.2%, which was the equivalent to 35.16 kw/h, equating to 281,280 kWh/year; a fantastic result leading to a reduction in high operating costs and large power consumption for the client, alongside the necessity of recovering the original pump efficiency to improve the overall cooling system performance.

In terms of ROI, the client was pleased to learn that as a result of the energy saving costs following the work carried out and application of Fluiglide coating to the pump, the investment in the refurbishment would be paid in just one year of operation with many more years of savings to come.


Japan - energy saving solution for cooling tower pump


Our FLUIGLIDE coating system guarantees significant improvements in energy efficiency.  This is due to a reduction in the surface roughness, which in turn reduces the friction of water on the pump casing and pump impeller.  With the ever-increasing cost of energy and the life of a pump running continuously, there couldn’t be a better time to look at ways to become more efficient and cost effective. Potential savings range from 3-5% with the use of FLUIGLIDE, which is proven to improve pump efficiency and reduce the overall pump system energy usage. The system offers a fast payback on initial investment outlay.

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