30 November 2021


John Cunningham has been a member of the team here at Corroserve for over 12 years. Starting out on the engineering shop floor, John now runs our central storeroom.  From PPE to lifting equipment and drill bits to consumables, John is the ‘go to’ person, ensuring everyone has the necessary tools and equipment required for all of the projects we are working on.  John was delighted to tell us more about what his role as Storeman actually entails, including his favourite part of the job.

What does the Corroserve Storeman do?

‘I have been in my current role for 6 years and as part of this role, I place all of the relevant orders needed and keep track of the purchases as and where required.   The orders for those essential items are dealt with by myself and whether it’s PPE, consumables or even something specific for a particular job like a certain sized drill bit or perhaps even lifting equipment or measuring equipment, basically anything that is needed in the engineering and coating workshops is ordered by me.

As part of the role, when each project arrives, I check the delivery to make sure that all of the correct paperwork, instructions and any items listed for the project are all present.  Once all of these item are booked in and receipted, the relevant paperwork is passed on to the Works Director for a contract review.

It’s a very interesting job and there’s always lots going on.


Can your job be stressful?

‘There is a lot to consider, but no, I don’t get stressed. I prioritise and do the most important things first.‘


Have you always worked in the engineering sector? 

‘Prior to Corroserve, my previous experiences were in carpentry and the housing sector, working with refugees and asylum seekers, but over the past decade or so I’ve learnt lots as part of the fantastic positive team here in Leeds; from the dismantling of and putting pumps back together, to the  assessment of valves, through to rebate assessments and many other things.‘


What is one of your most memorable projects at Corroserve:

‘We have just had a job in for over 300 pipes which needed to be coated prior to being shipped to Angola.  This particular project was memorable to me because of the volume of pipes and the specific requirements of the job.  We even had the customer from Angola visit to check the pipes before they were dispatched.’


Favourite part of your job?

‘The favourite part of the job for me is the people I work with. You meet people from all different walks of life, with different characters and personalities and these all make the fantastic team we have here at Corroserve.  I also appreciate the education and training you get with this job as well. I’ve learnt a lot about electrics, pumps, how they work and so much more.’


Favourite part about working for Corroserve?

‘Again, I’d have to say the people. I’m a people person.  I get on with everyone from management to the work force. It’s a great team to work alongside and be part of.’