9 August 2022

A client, who specialise in converting waste into energy requested a quotation for the application of a specialist coating system, to protect the internal of venting de-slagger pipework at their Energy from Waste plant. The plant burns municipal solid waste and industrial and commercial waste. IBA (Incinerator Bottom Ash) is produced as a waste product.

Corroserve had been advised that the bottom ash vapour travels through the stainless steel pipework at a maximum temperature of 120°C. The composition of the ash varies dependant on the waste burned, however, the ash can contain elements from the municipal waste such as silica, calcium and iron. The client stated the stainless steel pipes had suffered from pitting. This may have been due to the iron sulphides present in the vapour, which can settle on the base of the pipework.


Abrasive, Blasting and Coating 

The project included the abrasive blasting and coating application on the inlet and outlet section of the highlighted pipe sections (below), onsite. All non-highlighted pipework was disassembled, removed and transported to our workshop, where the blasting and work was completed.

MVV highlighted pipework

Scaffolding was provided for the remaining pipework to provide access into the pipes. The scaffolding also ensured the pipes were sufficiently supported, allowing the team and equipment to enter the pipe and carry out the blasting and coating works.

Scaffolding for pipepwork    pipework before corrosion protection and scaffolding


Surface Preparation and Application

  • Machined surfaces and masked up and protected prior to abrasive blasting and coating.
  • Abrasive blasted specified surfaces with new abrasive in accordance with ISO 8501 -1 to Sa2 ½ surface finish, a minimum surface profile of 50 microns.
  • Completed a final blow down, sweep and vacuum clean thoroughly to remove dust.
  • Applied Polyglass VEF to achieve a minimum DFT of 1250 microns*
  • Carried out thickness test and spark test, following adequate cure of the coating.
  • Once cured, removed the surface protection, dress edges and completed 100% visual inspection.


MVV pipework 1    Pipework


The Coating Solution

Polyglass VEF was the coating system used for this project. The Polyglass VEF coating system is durable with excellent undercutting resistance and abrasion resistance. It is suitable for many chemical environments within the full PH range, making it ideally suited for flue ducting service.


Application Professionals

Our onsite coating teams are certified, trained and well experienced in any types of coating projects. This includes working in confined areas. Corroserve mobilised two, six man coating teams to carry out shift work. Each team consisted of one Site Supervisor and five Coating Technicians who carried out surface preparation and coating application on the inlet and outlet pipework. The mobilisation included all plant, equipment and materials required to complete the coating application on the pipework, as specified over a period of 5 days on site.