3 August 2023

Pump Stage Casing Suffering Severe Erosion Corrosion

A global leader in fluid engineering, recently sub-contracted Corroserve, to repair and protect a pump stage casing. The casing had suffered chloride pitting as a result of being subject to sea-water for over 2 decades, at a power station.

Pump repair - pitting

Pump casing suffering from chloride pitting


Having looked in to disposing of the damaged casing and purchasing a new one, which would need to be made to order, the client discovered this would be both a costly and extremely time-consuming process. There would be a lead time of anywhere between 6-12 months, due to the casting and machining process, not to mention the environmental impact of disposing of the damaged casing.


As an alternative, Corroserve was contacted to offer a solution, repairing and providing long-term corrosion protection, at a fraction of the lead time and cost of a replacement.

Following the necessary preparation of the substrate, the deep pits were filled with Corrofill E (a non-shrink filler and repair compound), on the internals and externals, and then smoothed back to suit the original profile.

Pump casing repair - filling deep pits

Deep pits filled with Corrofill E


Our glass reinforced laminating resin was then applied to the external, offering additional protection and a water tight finish, ahead of Corroglass 600 series being applied over the top.

Pump repair - laminating process

Glass reinforced laminating resin applied to external


Corroglass 600 series was selected as it has excellent performance in immersed environments and exceptional resistance to de-mineralised water. The client was extremely satisfied with the end result, not to mention the significant cost and time saving, when comparing the repair of the existing stage casing, to replacing it.

Pump repair - complete

Final coating offering long term protection



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