15 December 2022

Alternative to Weld Repairs

Corroserve recently inspected a pipe at the client’s facility to discuss alternative options to weld repairs. The client, an industrial engineering and manufacturing firm in the UK, required a quick turnaround and cost-effective repair.

Upon inspection the pipe showed through wall defects and many cracks both on the internals and externals. The client believed the cracks were originally due to casting defects and worsened gradually due to erosion, and caused general wall thinning. The pipe required an application that would repair the defects, add structural strength and protect against seawater service.


cracked pipe


To begin, a dye pen was used to identify any through wall cracks. The through wall cracks were then drilled out at the end to prevent further extension of the defects. The internals and externals of the pipe were then abrasive blasted to Sa2 1/2 to prepare for coating application. Any pits and defects found were filled and primed with Corroglass 600 series. Lamination matting was then applied in multiple layers internally and externally, fully wrapping the pipe. The lamination wrap adds structural support to the pipe.


laminating resin

Corroglass 600 series was then applied internally and externally at 800-100 microns. The repair was offered to achieve a quick turnaround and extend the service life of the pipe.

Pipe repair

Corroserve can also offer a Composite Structural Rehabilitation system which has been tested in oil & gas and power generation for over 40 years. This CSR system is qualified under BS EN ISO 24817:2015.