13 July 2021

Al Huda Corrosion Treatment, our partners in Qatar, took delivery of a severely damaged sea water pump. In need of complete refurbishment and a protective lining, the team were able to give the sea water pump a new lease of life.

Al Huda’s client – MiLAHA, a specialist pump company described the pump as having severe corrosion and erosion damage and metal loss.  This of all needed to be addressed.

Abrasive blast cleaning revealed the true extent of the damage. Al Huda’s technicians used Corrofill E and Plasmet HTE. This was at a DFT of 1200μm to repair and line the pump internals. The external of the pump required a combination of weld repairs and composite lamination to add strength.  Corrofill E was then applied before a final top coat of Plasmet ZF  to offer all round protection.

The shaft was cleaned and reinstalled in the pump. A new impeller and new mechanical seal was also installed. Pressure testing then commenced to 1.5 times its service operating pressure. This was to ensure the quality of the work completed.

The client was extremely pleased with the quality of workmanship. The client was also impressed with the significant cost saving achieved when compared to purchasing a new pump.


Seawater pump given new lease of life

              Sea Water pump before repair                                                            Sea Water pump repaired 



We believe the most severely damaged piece of capital equipment can usually be refurbished, at a fraction of the replacement cost. Whether it’s protective linings, reverse engineering, manufacturing spares or offering a full turnkey project, Corroserve acts with a commitment to quality and performance. Whether you work with one of our brands, all three, or one of our international partners, you’ll find this solidity engrained throughout our business.